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ALFA1 Stainless Steel Canteen & Cup

Made from the best quality stainless steel, our ALFA1 Stainless Steel Military Water Canteen is rugged enough to withstand the toughest conditions, making it the perfect choice for hikers, campers, and anyone who spends time outdoors.

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ALFA1 GI Military Water Filter Canteen + 1 ALFA1 Life Saver Nano Water Filter Cartridge (OD Green)

Eco Friendly, ALFA1 GI Military Water Filter Canteen and ALFA1 Life Saver NANO Water Filter Bottle are designed and manufactured with the use of common advanced NANO filter cartridge technology and integrated bellows system to provide instant filtered fresh healthy water supply anytime anywhere.

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Elevate your hydration experience with our cutting-edge Water Purifier Bottle.

Best Survival Water Filter Drink Bottle

We offer a consistent supply of pure, fresh, and odor-free drinking water that’s always accessible, no matter where you are. Our water filtration systems, the Military Canteen and iFilter Bottle, utilize the same advanced ALFA1 Filter Cartridge and Cap to ensure the highest quality filtered water at an unbelievably low cost. Say goodbye to waterborne illnesses – our systems are designed to protect your family. Enjoy a dependable flow of refreshing water, now easily affordable and available whenever you need it, wherever you are in the USA. Anytime, Anywhere… Stay hydrated and healthy with our innovative water solutions!

Boost your hydration with our Cutting-Edge Water purifier bottle

Upgrade your hydration experience with our state-of-the-art Water Purifier Bottle, a cutting-edge water filtration system designed to elevate the quality of your drinking water. In a world where access to clean and safe drinking water is essential, this innovative solution ensures you have fresh, purified water wherever you go. cost. Say goodbye to waterborne illnesses – our systems are designed to protect your family. Enjoy a dependable flow of refreshing water, now easily affordable and available whenever you need it, wherever you are in the USA. Anytime, Anywhere… Stay hydrated and healthy with our innovative water solutions!

” The Water Purifier Bottle utilizes advanced filtration technology to remove impurities, contaminants, and unpleasant tastes, guaranteeing you crystal-clear and great-tasting water. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness, traveling to remote locations, or simply looking for a convenient way to enhance your daily water intake, this bottle has got you covered.”

Hydrate Anywhere, Anytime with Your Perfect Companion

Its ergonomic design, durable materials, and portability make it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and health-conscious individuals. With just a simple fill-up from any water source, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is purified and safe to drink.

Experience Refreshment Anywhere with Our Water Purifier Bottle

Upgrade your hydration routine today and embrace the convenience, reliability, and health benefits of our Water Purifier Bottle. Stay refreshed and revitalized wherever your adventures take you.

Best Filter Water Bottle for International Travel

Planning an international adventure? Ensure your hydration is covered with our top-rated Water Purifier Bottle – the best filter water bottle for international travel. Designed with the globetrotter in mind, our advanced filtration technology guarantees you access to clean and safe drinking water, no matter where your journey takes you.

Key Features for Travelers:

  • Compact Design: Our bottle’s sleek and compact design makes it a perfect travel companion, fitting seamlessly into your backpack or travel gear.

  • Versatile Filtration: From cityscapes to remote landscapes, our bottle’s filtration system tackles a spectrum of water sources encountered during your travels.

  • Airport-Friendly: Travel hassle-free with our airport-friendly design. Empty your bottle before security, then refill and purify post-checkpoint for continuous hydration.

  • Durable for Exploration: Built to withstand the rigors of international travel, our Water Purifier Bottle is your durable and reliable companion for all your explorations.

Water Filtration System

Bacteria & Viruses

Bacteria and viruses are microorganisms with distinct characteristics and impacts on living organisms.

Chemical & Bad Odor

Chemicals can sometimes produce unpleasant or bad odors, which can be indicative of potential hazards or discomfort in the environment.

Heavy Metals

Toxic heavy metals pose health and environmental risks due to their persistence and potential for bioaccumulation.

User and Eco Friendly​

User-friendly and eco-friendly products promote convenience ensuring a positive experience for individuals while minimizing harm to the environment.


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Top-quality water filtration that won't break the bank. Upgrade your hydration economically

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Actual test shows heavily contaminated water on the left and filtered water on the right with ALFA1 Water Filter Canteen using ALFA1 M01 NANO Cartridge

ALPHA Filters:

Chemical & Bad Odor
Heavy Metals
User & Eco Friendly
ALFA1 100% Recyclable

Ideal for Disaster relief, military & tactical gear, outdoor, travel, camping, recreational, office, home, Red Cross, First Aid Applications to help people live healthier and happier lives. Patented Filter is GREEN Enviromentally and User Friendly, maintenance free, affordable, and ready for use on moment’s notice. Must for, Health and Fitness. All materials used are recyclable 100% & Eco Friendly0

ALFA1 Water Filter Canteen & M01 Cartridge rated for 0.01 micron filtration capacity shown above

ALFA1 M01 Cartridge: Stage 1: UF Hollow Fibers Membrane Microfilter (0.01 Micron Min) Stage 2: Activated Impregnated Carbon Fibers Capsule

ALFA1 M1 Cartridge: ALFA1 M1 Cartridge for Potable Water Filtration (1 Micron Filtration Rating)

Sintered Activated Coconut Carbon Element CTO, NSF/ANSI 61 Sealed with white non-woven fabrics and protected with blue composite plastics mesh/screen IAW SOCD No. DHK210121-MWF-M1

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